Paeroa Highland Games and Tattoo

Paeroa Highland Games Annual Photographic Competition

     Set Subjects for 2017

Spirit of the Games

- a unique to Paeroa pictorial challenge


- photojournalism covering every aspect of the Games

Expressions of Interest

- Competitor or audience facial expressions capturing the stress, excitement or humour of the moment

                                 Evening Tattoo

                           - low-light photography of the spectacular finale

 The winning photo for each Set Subject earns a prize of $100

Aim to capture key visual elements and create a picture of interest to those who view your digital creativity.

The acronym PLACE is a simple but useful guide:

Place > be in the right place at the right time

Light > seek interesting light

Action > activity attracts interest

Composition > good composition is essential, look for balance

Edit > focus on the important and exclude distractions

2017 PHG Photographic Competition Rules

2017 Winners

Spirit of the Games

"Watching the festivities with your best friend is, well, just the best"

- winning photo by Dennis Fregger, Tairua


"A sharp blade"

- winning photo by Trevor Lowe, Paeroa

Expressions of Interest

"Wee lassies luv dancin"

- winning photo by Jenny Atkins, Katikati

Evening Tattoo

"Evening Tattoo"

- winning photo by Caroline Ludford, Silverdale


2017 Tartan Teddies -Dress a Bear Competition

1st Place 5 Years: Inianna Tate, Te Atatu

1st Place 10years and up: Jemma Williams, Tauranga

- photo by Rod Baker-Clemas

2017 Tartan in the Park Results

1st Place Minis: Ronin McPike-Smith, Tirau

2017 Sewing Machine Raffle

Fleur McCoombe, Waihi

Highland Cattle from Macca Fold Tirau

- thanks to Jim & Julie McMurray

- photos by Rod Baker-Clemas


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